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Global Protect VPN for Windows


When working from off campus, users must use the VPN (virtual private network) to access resources located on campus.  Using the VPN is virtually putting your computer on Loyola's network. It provides a secure and encrypted connection between your computer and Loyola's network. It is imperative that this is done with Loyola owned computers only. Whether working from home or in a public setting the VPN connection should always be used when off campus.


Download and install Global Protect on your Windows computer


Note: You need to setup your multifactor authentication before trying to connect with Global Protect. If you have not done so yet, please click here.

1. Navigate to  Since our multifactor authentication is configured through Microsoft Azure, you will be prompted to login to your Microsoft account.  You will be prompted to authenticate using a code sent to your phone, email or you can just approve the notification sent to your Microsoft Authenticator app depending on how you setup your Multifactor Authentication.   After authenticating, you will see the window below.

2. Select the download needed for your computer from the selections above.  If you are a Windows user and are uncertain if your computer is 32 or 64 bit, open control panels>system.  Look for system type under the system details located in the center of that page. 

3. Open your downloaded file.  You will see the welcome screen. Click "Next".



4. You may use the default installer folder automatically selected for you. Click "next".



5. Confirm the Installation by clicking "Next".



6. Please wait while the progam installs. Allow the app to make changes to your device. 



7. You will see an installation complete message when the install is finished.



8. You will also see a Welcome to Global Protect window pop up at the lower right corner of your screen asking you to enter a portal address. Enter and click connect.


This will prompt you to login to your Microsoft account.  Once logged in you will receive a code or a prompt to approve the login via Microsoft Authenticator.  Once you have completely authenticated, the Global Protect will connect you to Loyola's Network.


If you are unable to connect to fs1 (files server) after configuring MFA and installing Global Protect, please click on the instructions below.

Click here for instructions to remap fs1 on Windows.


If you need assistance, please email