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Alumni Email Accounts

Alumni E-mail Policy

Information Technology is pleased to allow Loyola alums to retain their Loyola gmail account after graduation. Graduates will retain the same email address issued to them as a student with the following restrictions:

  • Alumni email accounts will remain active as long as mail is read and the account is active.

  • Alumni who become employees of the university will be issued an new employee email account.  The student email account will still exist, but should not be used to conduct Loyola business.

  • Google will suspend accounts that have been compromised or used to engage in spamming activities. All elements listed in the Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing Resources are still enforced for alumni accounts.

  • Items left in your trash will be deleted after 30 days.

  • We encourage you to setup your account recovery options so that you will not have to contact our help desk for password resets.