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Mobile ID

How do I use the Mobile ID App?

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        Mobile ID App Instructions


The CBORD Mobile ID App can be installed on mobile devices and can be used to open doors controlled by card access to which you have access permissions. Mobile ID is not a replacement, but a supplement, to your campus card. Please follow the directions below to install the Mobile ID app on your mobile device.


1. Download the CBORD Mobile ID app from your mobile device app store.


Mobile ID download















2. When prompted to allow Mobile ID to use your location information, choose Allow While Using App (NOTE: Location information is required for Mobile ID to be able to open doors)


Allow Mobile app

















3. Once installed, open the Mobile ID app and enter, as shown, and click Authenticate my device:


Mobile ID authorization required









4. Sign in with your Microsoft credentials.





5. When prompted to authorize Mobile ID to access your account, click Authorize:


Mobile ID authorize










6. Once logged in, click the Choose button to obtain a list of locations where Mobile ID can be used. Just select a location, then click GO to digitally swipe your card:


Mobile ID select location

Mobile ID Go



Additional Notes:
- Bluetooth Services are not required
- Notifications are not required
- If you receive a “Denied – Not within distance of reader” message, try again as you get closer to the door.