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How do I verify/enable Google 2-step verification?

How do I verify / enable Google 2-step verification?

1. Launch the Chrome browser and login to your Loyola Gmail account.

2. Open your Google account by clicking on your profile icon at the upper right of the Chrome browser and select: “Manage your Google Account”.


Open manage account











3. In the navigation panel on the left, select Security.


Select security option












4. On the right side of the window, enter or verify your recovery phone and recover email information.


verify information









5. Under Signing into Google, verify that 2-step verification is turned on. If it is, you are enrolled.   If it is not, go to step 6.


Verify 2step verification is turned on












6. If 2-step verification is off, then click on it to turn it on. 


Turning on 2-step verification









7. Click on "Get Started" and follow the on screen prompts.


2step get started