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Password Resets

How do I reset my Gmail password?

The Gmail process for password resets should be enough for you to change or reset your password. i.e. "forgot password". To use this feature, you would have had to set up an account recovery option, such as your cell phone number in order to receive a text.  See below.

Enter a cell phone recovery number for Google to use for password reset purposes. This can be done by logging in and then clicking on the gear icon on the right side of the window. Select "settings". Select the "accounts" tab and click on "Google Account Settings". Go to "security checkup" and select "Get Started". Here you can enter your cell phone number and/or a separate email address. Google will use this information to communicate with you in the event you forget your password.

If you have problems resetting your password, please leave a message at our help desk (504) 865-2255.

How do I reset my SSO password?

To reset your SSO password, you must reset our Microsoft password (starting June 1, 2022)  


1. Go to

2. Login with your username (your full email address)

3. Click on forgot password.

4. Step through resetting your Loyola Microsoft password.

5. Once your Microsoft password has been reset,  it will sync with the SSO and it will become your SSO password as well.

How do I reset my Microsoft password?

Your Microsoft password is also your password to LORA Self Service, LoynoSecure wifi, Campus Printing through Papercut, Medicat and  So when you reset your Microsoft password, it will reset your password on all of these systems.  Go to  Click on Sign-in and select your account.  On the screen that prompts you to enter your password, also has a link underneath that says "Forgot My Password".  Click on the Forgot My Password link and as long as you setup your account recovery, it will talk you through a reset of your password.  

If you have a problem with resetting your Microsoft password, please use your Loyola email account and send an email to