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Wireless Lan and Rouge Access Points


Wireless Infrastructure Deployment and Use


a.    All wireless access points connected to the Loyola’s network must

  1.     Be approved and deployed by the Office of Information Technology

  2.     Conform to Loyola’s equipment standards

  3.     Be deployed on the Loyola wireless VLAN


b. Information Technology has the right to disable any non-approved device. The offending device will be disconnected from the network without prior notice.


c. Users of the wireless network are responsible for their own computer equipment. The University accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to your machine as a result of connection to the wireless network.


d. Users have the responsibility to ensure that they are running up to date anti-virus software and that the operating system is fully patched with the latest service packs and hot fixes.


e. Users must authenticate to the wireless network for each session.


f. Users must adhere to the Policy for Responsible Usage.