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Computer Purchase and Replacement

Information Technology provides at least one computer and associated peripherals to each employee when computer usage is required by job responsibilities, and provides computers and other peripherals for classrooms, laboratories, public computing facilities and other academic and administrative offices. Information Technology assumes responsibility for maintenance, upgrade, service and repair of this equipment. Replacement or upgrade of these computers is based on a budget, need assessment and a requirements evaluation of the job or function. Information Technology  I.T.  staff members carry out the work of replacing the computer and transferring related work files to the new computer.  

Information Technology sets minimum standards for hardware and software intended for use on the campus. Equipment that does not meet University standards for configuration or warranty will not be installed, networked, repaired or supported by I.T.. All computing equipment purchased with University funds (including grant funds, capital funds, startup funds, departmental funds, professor ship, gifts and endowments) is property of the University.  

Information Technology will use the following guidelines and criteria when providing computer equipment for Loyola University New Orleans.

  • Information Technology will purchase all university computers except for faculty or departments who have professorship, grant or gift type funds.
  • When replacing computers the oldest and most outdated will be given top priority.
  • Only the computers that are included in the I.T inventory will be considered for replacement.  If you computer has never been inventoried, please call X2255.
  • All computers will need to meet the standard requirements and will typically be configured with moderate specifications.  Information Technology will work with departments when special needs arise.
  • Laptops will be purchased, unless a desktop is deemed necessary.
  • Provided computers may be new or refurbished.
  • Request for printers, mobile devices and other peripherals need to made through I.T.
  • All Loyola owned computers will need to be serviced/repaired, maintained, upgraded and replaced by I.T. only.
  • Departments may purchase computers with professorship money only.  Quotes for these computers must be obtained through Information Technology and this equipment will need to meet Loyola's standard configuration. Note: Computers purchased with professorship money will become part of Loyola's inventory and owned by the university.
  • All computers must be setup by an Information Technology Service Technician.  No exceptions.  New employees must have their Loyola email address assigned to them before the setup process can begin.
  • Whenever an employee takes over a computer that was previously used by another employee, a Service Technician must setup a new profile for the new user.
  • All faculty and staff computer will be setup with the standard Loyola software configuration.  This includes Microsoft Office, QWS, Web focus, Google Backup and Sync, Alertus and Carbon Black antivirus software.
  • The replaced computers may go to recycling or be refurbished in order to be repurposed on campus depending on specific needs.
  • For security reasons, all computers permanently leaving campus must have Loyola software and data removed.  This is part of Loyola's recycling process.