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Access to Student Accounts

Student Status

Depending on your status as a student, access to certain accounts may be limited.

Main Accounts

Students have two main accounts. A Gmail account (email) and a Microsoft Account. Below are the default passwords to both accounts.

New Students

The default password is the first letter of your first name, the first letter of your last name, your birth date followed by an uppercase LU. (flmmddyyyyLU) Ex. Jane Doe born January 01, 2001 would have a default password of jd01012001LU.

Returning students

The default password is the first two letters of your first name, the last four digits of your social security number, followed by an uppercase LU. Ex. Jane Doe with the last four of their SSN as 1234 (ja1234LU)

Access your Gmail Account

Do this first!

The first thing you should do is access your Gmail account.

Watch Gmail Login Video

Help me log into my Gmail account

Access your Microsoft Account

Do this second!

The second thing you should do is log into your Microsoft account.

Watch Microsoft Login Video

Help me log into my Microsoft account

Access your Single Sign-On (SSO) account

Do this last!

Your username is the part of your email address before the @ sign. Your password will be whatever you changed your password to in Step 2.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is your portal to many of Loyola's applications.

Watch SSO Login Video

Log into SSO

Microsoft / SSO Password Sync

Starting on June 1, 2022, whenever a password change takes place on your Loyola Microsoft account (at, your SSO password will also change to the new Microsoft password.

New students are required to change their Microsoft password the first time they log in to This is why it is important for all new students to go to and reset their password before going to the SSO.

The Microsoft account credentials will be the username and password for the following systems. Whenever the password changes at, it will automatically change on all of these systems.

  • LORA Self-Service
  • Medicat Health Portal
  • LoynoSecure wifi
  • Papercut (printing in the library)
  • (lab application portal)
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) [starting June 1, 2022]


Note: For returning students and faculty/staff. Nothing will change with their SSO credentials until the Microsoft password is changed/reset. 
(Starting on June 1, 2022)