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How do I move from ShoreTel Communicator to Mitel Connect?

The ShoreTel Communicator is the software that many of you use to have phone functionality through your computer.  We are discontinuing use of the ShoreTel software and will now use Mitel Connect for that computer/phone software.


1. First, verify your username.  You will need this to set up the Mitel Connect software.

Verify your username before uninstalling ShoreTel


2. The following instructions will help you uninstall the ShoreTel Communicator software and then install the Mitel Connect software.


Uninstall ShoreTel Communicator (Windows)  Uninstall ShoreTel Communicator (Mac)


3. Download and install Mitel Connect.

Download and Install Mitel Connect


4.  After installing, open Mitel Connect and  enter your ShoreTel username (verified in step one)  and password (Your password was changed to  changeme ). Then click on "show advanced".


Mitel Connect sign in














5.  Enter the server name “” in server field.



Mitel Connect Server Set up
















6. To learn how to use the new Mitel Connect software, click the button below for a training video.


Mitel Training Video