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How do I use the Loyola telephone system?

Loyola uses the Shoretel phone system.  It is a VOIP (Voice Over IP) system and is operated over our ethernet network.  To learn the basics of telephone operation, please click the link below.

Loyola Telephone System

How do I report a telephone repair issue?

For information on how to report a telephone issue or get pricing on installing new lines, click the link below.

Telephone repair and Equipment / Labor Pricing

How do I set up my voicemail?

Loyola's phone system allows clients to set up their own voicemail for their office phone.  Click the link below to learn how.

Voicemail set up

How do I learn how to use my Shortel phone?

Click the button below to access the Shortel user guides for all model phones on campus.


Shortel phone user guides

Can I get a cellular discount through Loyola

Click the link below to learn more about getting a discount on your personal cellular service for being a faculty or staff member at Loyola.


AT&T Faculty / Staff Discount


How can I uses wifi calling when my signal is weak?

Sometime just walking into a building will make your phone unusable, because your phone has a weak signal.  Here is how you can set your phone to make calls over the wifi network.


Wifi Calling

How do I configure forwarding calls when there is no answer?

If you are away from your desk, you may want to forward all of your calls to another number.  Click below to learn how.

Forwarding all calls

How do I transfer my calls to me cell phone?

If you are working from home, you may want to transfer your Loyola calls to your cell phone. Here's how.

Transferring calls to cell via Shortel app

Transferring calls to my cell via the website

Transferring calls to cell via Shortel 230 &560 phones

How do I setup audio conferencing?

Click the link below to learn more about our audio conferencing options.

Audio Conferencing

How to uninstall ShoreTel Communicator on a Windows computer?

 Uninstall ShoreTel Communicator (Windows)

1. Open "Control Panel" and select "Program and Features".

Programs and Features



2. Navigate to the ShoreTel software.

ShoreTel Software in the control panel



3. Right click and select uninstall.  Do the same for all of the ShoreTel components listed in the Programs and Features control panel.  

4. Restart your computer.

How do I move from ShoreTel Communicator to Mitel Connect?

The ShoreTel Communicator is the software that many of you use to have phone functionality through your computer.  We are discontinuing use of the ShoreTel software and will now use Mitel Connect for that computer / phone software.

The following instructions will help you uninstall the ShoreTel Communicator software and then install the Mitel Connect software.

Uninstall ShoreTel Communicator (Windows)  Uninstall ShoreTel Communicator (Mac)

How to uninstall ShoreTel Communicator on a Mac computer?

Uninstall ShoreTel Communicator (Mac)


1. Go to Finder and Select "Applications".

2. Click and drag the  ShoreTel Communicator application to the trash.

ShoreTel in Applications on Mac









3. Restart your computer.

How can I find out what my ShoreTel Communicator username is?

To find out what your ShoreTel Communicator password is, do the following:

1. Open your ShoreTel Communicator program.

ShoreTel icon






2. In the menu bar, select "Tools" and then select "Options".

ShoreTel tools options











3. If you get a message that the Connection to the server has been lost, click "OK".


ShoreTel error click OK





4. On the left side of the Options and Preferences window, select "Telephony" .  You will see your username on the right side.


ShoreTel username

How do I use Mitel Connect software?

This video will give you an overview of how to use the Mitel Connect software.