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Over winter break (2022) the wireless network was upgraded in all residential halls  Please use the information below to know what network to join while  in the residential halls.

SSID Loyola 

The Loyola wireless network is meant to connect your computers and phones to the internet.  This is a secured network and you will have to authenticate using your username (everything before the @ symbol of your email address) and your Loyola Microsoft password.  (This is the same password you use for LORA Self Service.)  Note:  This network is for the residential halls only.  You will still need to use LoynoSecure or Loyola wlan outside of the residential halls.

SSID Loyola-Student 

The Loyola Student network is a temporary network in order to back up the Loyola network during the first few weeks of using the new wireless system.  Use only when you cannot access SSID Loyola.  You can login with a Pre-Shared Key provided to you by Residential Life staff.

SSID Loyola-IoT

Loyola-IoT is intended to connect devices that do not support the 802.1x protocol.  These devices may include smart TVs, some printers, Alexa and Google devices, etc. A Pre-Shared Key will be needed to connect a device to this network.  You will be given this key by Residential Life staff.

SSID Loyola-Guest

Loyola-Guest is an open network and does not require authentication.  Users will have to enter their name and email address in order to register.  This registration expires within 24 hours.  This network is intended for those individuals who are not affiliated with Loyola, such as a vendor or visitor.

Note:  There is a wireless access point located in all rooms. There are two ethernet ports located on the access point if you have a device that uses ethernet, such as a desktop computer or gaming device.

Login tip:  If during the login process you are asked to Trust a certificate, please click Trust.

Troubleshooting tip:  If you become disconnected from an SSID and cannot get back in, select "Forget Network" in your wireless settings and reconnect to that SSID again.



To access Loyola's wireless network outside of the residential halls, select SSID LoynoSecure.  LoynoSecure uses the following credentials.

The username is everything before the @ symbol in  your Loyola email address. The password is your Loyola Microsoft Office password.   (the same as Lora Self Service)


Note:  If you forgot your password or need to reset it, go to  Login with your full Loyola email address and select "Forgot Password".  They system will step you through the reset.

Residential Hall wired connections : We recommend that you use the wired connection when utilizing gaming or streaming devices.  

To report wifi or wired issues in the residential halls or if you have any questions, please use your Loyola email address to email