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Think Cell for Power Point

Create professional looking presentations for your classes fast using think-cell.


Do you use PowerPoint to present in your classes? If so, think-cell – used by most consulting firms - might save you a significant amount of working time and enable you to create professional looking presentations for your coursework. Knowing think-cell could be a valuable skill as you enter the workplace since many employers, including top consulting firms and investment banks, use the software.

Think-cell is free to Loyola University students, faculty, and staff. It takes just minutes to learn by watching the short video tutorials available for each chart type. See below for helpful training resources and instructions on how to download think-cell. 

Why should you consider using think-cell?


● Creating your charts takes 70% less time

   Create 40+ chart types, including ​Waterfall​, ​Gantt​, and ​Mekko​ charts

    in just 2-3 minutes

 90% less time when making alterations

   Automate changes to your charts with think-cell

 Gain professional skills

   Become proficient with the charting software used by top consulting

   and investment firms

 Better results

   Improve your class presentations and impress your audience  

How to download think-cell 


Click on the Link below. Enter your Loyola Email address and Think Cell will send you Download instructions.

Go to ​​ to download the software. think-cell is available for both PC and Mac.  

During the installation process, you will be asked to enter a license key.  Click here to obtain the key.  Copy 

and paste the key into the into the license key dialog.  If you encounter issues with the installation or the usage

of Think Cell, please use the support link provided in the next section.

How to learn more 


For tailored think-cell support and self-service resources such as tutorial videos and a searchable user manual, visit ​

● Watch this think-cell overview ​video 

● Build your first chart or layout with the help of this short ​video

● Explore think-cell’s 40+ chart types and features ​here

● Learn how to link an Excel file to your think-cell PowerPoint chart and automate data updates ​here