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Contingency Planning and Data Backup

Loyola University New Orleans considers University data, in all its forms and life cycles, as an asset of the University and as such, has developed plans to safeguard its information. Additionally, Loyola University New Orleans has established a plan to insure operation of critical University systems should the University suffer the loss of its data center. Infomation Technology's disaster recovery procedures are included in the university emergency preparedness plan led by the director of emergency management.

Contingency Plan

Loyola University New Orleans has contracted with an external provider of recovery services to provide the required infrastructure to support Loyola’s critical information systems should its data center be destroyed or become inaccessible.

This plan calls for the recovery of all critical systems with 72 hours of the availability of the recovery facility. To ensure the viability of its plan, Information Technology exercises its contingency plan annually by recovering selected systems at an offsite location.

Data Backup

All electronic data, managed by Information Technology, is backed up to alternate electronic media on a daily basis. This information is stored nightly at an alternate campus facility, and, rotated to a third-party storage facility on a weekly basis.