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Carvette Hilliard

Distributed Systems Support Analyst


M.S.I.S, Drexel University

B.S., Tulane University


  • Information Technology
  • Operations


Carvette started his journey in Loyola Information Technology Department as a Service Technician, showcasing his commitment to providing technical support and solutions for the university community.

In 2004, Carvette transitioned into his current role as a Support Analyst in Distributed Systems, where he assumed a broader set of responsibilities. In this capacity, Carvette serves as an administrator on  various departmental and ancillary systems critical to the seamless operation of Loyola's technological infrastructure.

Carvette's role as a Support Analyst requires a blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of the diverse systems that underpin the university's functions. His dedication to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of these systems is a testament to his commitment to the university's mission.