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FortiVPN Windows Installation

To install FortiVPN on your Loyola Windows computer:

1. Open the downloaded file. (FortiClientMiniSetup-Windows-X64-Enterprise-7.2.1.exe)

2. Allow the app to make changes to your device by clicking on the "Yes" button.



3. The installer will run and take several minutes.



4. Check the license box and select "Next".





5.  Allow the FortiClient VPN Setup Wizard by clicking "Install".



5. The set up will need to reboot your computer.  Select "OK" so the install will continue.



6. When the set up wizard is done, you will be prompted to click "Finish".



7.  You can choose to restart your computer now or later.  You will not be able to use the VPN until you restart.  Click "Yes" to restart immediately or "No" to manually restart later.



8. Double click the FortiClient icon in the tray at the lower right of your screen.



9. Click on Configure VPN at the center of the window.





10. Configure the settings to match below.

vpn = sslvpn

Connection name = Fortinet Loyola

Remote Gateway =

Check customize port and enter 443

Check enable single sign on (SSO) for VPN Tunnel

Check Use external browser as user-agent for saml user authentication

Click "Save".



11. Then click "SAML Login".



12.  You will be asked to authenticate with your Microsoft credentials.  Then it will make the connection.