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Multifactor Authentication



What is Multifactor Authentication?


Mulitfactor Authentication is a two step process that will create a more secure way of connecting to your Loyola Microsoft account.

The system can be configured to send you a code via a text, but we are recommending you use the Microsoft Authenticator App. This will eliminate the need to receive a text code every time you connect.  The Microsoft Authenticator app can be installed on your phone and will help you quickly authenticate to your Microsoft account.

Setting up your Multifactor Authentication


Note:  These instructions pertain to your Loyola Microsoft Account and not a personal Microsoft account that you may have.  Your username will always be your Loyola email address for your work / school account.


To begin the setup of the MFA , login to your Microsoft account.  To access your Microsoft account, go to  Sign in with your Loyola email address.  

1. Once you have successfully logged into your Microsoft account, click on your profile icon and select "view account".


2. Once you are into your account, go to "Security" to setup the two step authentication.


3. You will see your phone number listed.  To change the method of authentication, click on  "+ Add Method".

4. Choose the authenticator app from the pull down menu.  

**Note: If you do not see the Authenticator App in the list, try logging out of your Microsoft account and then log back in.

5. You will see the Window below.  Continue using the Microsoft site to guide you through setting up Microsoft Authenticator on your phone.

6. You will be asked to setup your account on your phone.

8. You may use your phone to scan a code on your computer that will connect the app to your account.  If you cannot scan, click "Can't scan image".

9. If you could not scan, you will be given a code and a url to enter into your phone.  



A notification will be sent to your phone to test your account. Approve the notification in the Microsoft Authenticator App. and click next.


You will see the message below that the notification was approved.  Click next.

You have successfully tied Microsoft Authenticator to your Loyola Microsoft account.

IMPORTANT: You need to change your default authentication method , by going back to the security settings in your Microsoft account and setting the Microsoft Authenticator app as the default. Click "Change" and select the Microsoft Authenticator app.  If you do not do this step, you will continue to get the text messages.

For further information please visit Microsoft at

If you need any assistance, please email