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Shore Tel Communicator Installation

Click Here to install ShoreTel Communicator
(Version 19.50.1000.0)

Did you know that ShoreTel Communicator is the easiest way to communicate efficiently with your colleagues and work partners? ShoreTel Communicator offers a set of productivity tools for better communication whether you are a standard user, an operator, whether you are working from home, on the road or based in an office.

ShoreTel Communicator will allow you to:

  • Revolutionize and optimize the way you make calls with the intuitive call control buttons so you may handle multiple calls faster and more efficiently.
  • Catalog and listen to your voicemails directly from Outlook or from the integrated Voice Mail Viewer.
  • Engage in top-notch video call sessions with little or no configuration on your computer.
  • Communicate with work partners via Instant Messaging and find the best method of contacting your work partners based on their Presence Information.
  • Control phones, including external phones outside of the ShoreTel Pure IP Unified Communications System, with the Extension Assignment functionality.
  • Turn your PC into a phone with the SoftPhone feature.
  • Adjust the ShoreTel Communicator user interface according to your needs.

Compatible with most of today's business PCs, ShoreTel Communicator applications are compatible with today's business PC platforms running 32-bit or 64-bit OS. To run ShoreTel Communicator applications, the following are required:

  • Windows Vista (Business or Enterprise), Windows 7 (Professional or Enterprise), or Windows 8 (Pro or Enterprise)
  • Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013 for Outlook integrated Voice Mail

Contact your system administrator for more detailed information on platform requirements for ShoreTel Communicator applications.

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