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Verify what is being backed up by Google Drive on a Windows computer

After you move from Google Backup and Sync to Google Drive, it is a good idea to verify what folders are being backed up.  

1. Click on the Google Drive icon at the lower right of your screen.

Google Drive Icon





2. Click on the Setting symbol (looks like a gear) and select "Preferences".


Select Google Drive Preferences


3. Your computer (laptop or desktop) will be listed on the left.  Select it.  The folders Google Drive is backing up will be listed.

Folder list


4. If you want to add an additional folder (note: the desktop is considered a folder), click on the "Add Folder" button and select the folder you want to add to your backup.

Adding Folders to Google Drive backup


5. Highlight the folder you want to add to your backup and click "Select Folder".

Select the folder to add


6. You will be asked to Sync with Google Drive or Back upt to Googe Photos.  Make sure "Sync with Google Drive" is checked.  Then click on "Done" then "Save".

Sync with Google Drive


7. The folder you select should show in the list.  Click "Save".

save added folders