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Moving from Google Backup and Sync to Google Drive

Information Technology installs Google Backup and Sync on all faculty and staff computers.  This program facilitates the backup of your computer and prevents data loss.  Google has announced the end of life for Backup and Sync and will now use Google Drive.

Google drive provides the same backup features and makes it easier for you to get to your data.

Some of you are using Google Drive already and do not need to make a change.  For those who are using Google Backup and Sync, the instructions below will walk you through installing Google Drive.

First, check to see if you are running Google Backup and Sync.  If you have multiple computers, you will need to do this procedure on each.   Here's how to check.

On a Windows computer, the icon will be in the bottom right of your desktop screen.  GB&S icon

On a Mac the icon will be in the menu bar at the top right of your screen.  gb&s icon


If your computer has the icon with the up arrow in the cloud,  your computer is running Google Backup and Sync.  Please select from the buttons below and start the Google Drive installation procedure.  If you need assistance, use your Loyola email account and send an email to or leave a message at 504-865-2255. Both options will automatically generate a service ticket in our system.


Google Drive installation for Windows                               Google Drive Installation for Mac