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ShoreTel to Mitel FAQs

Q. Will my username be the same in Mitel as it was in ShoreTel?
A.  Yes it will.  We ask that you verify your username before uninstalling the ShoreTel software from your computer.  Click here for instructions.

Q. Will my password change after the migration from ShoreTel to Mitel?
A.  All passwords will be reset to the default, changeme.


Q. Will my forwards, voicemails and other settings remain the same or do I have to set up those features again?
A. Those features will remain the same and you will not have to reconfigure those settings.


Q. Will there be any downtime?
A. Yes.  The system will be down during the migration taking place December 20, 2021.


Q. Will my forwards work during the downtime?
A. No, they will not.  


Q. How long will the system be down?
A.  The migration will take most of the day, but phones will start coming back on line at different times during the day.